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Satellite of Love

Mere Darling Will Bum You Silly for Loose Change

Mere Darling
It's like touching your penis with your left hand.
24hour party people, all things 80's, androgyny, anti-chat, badass girls, blue hair& blue eyes, caffiene, canadian melodrama, dancing without rhythm, degrassi tng, depeche mode, dirt, droney britrock, exploitation, far-away friends, funky skirts, glam, green docs, green tea, henry rollins, homo couture, iggy/bowie/reed, industrial, killing bananas, lady guadalupe, leopard print, mediocre hondas, mike patton, musicals, my darlin' clementine, my so-called life, nickcave es mi amor, no hippies, noble boys, old dc punk, photoshop, placebo, pro-comments, rum, tairrie b, the nekromantix, white chocolate, xiu xiu,