Mere Darling (meredarling) wrote,
Mere Darling

This is how much the Commonwealth fucking sucks

New Driving Laws Enacted July 1st:

All fines are in addition to ticket amount and court fees.

-Reaching 8 points on license: $100, $75 for each additional point
-Driving on bald tires: $900
-Not coming to a full stop for a pedestrian with a cane and/or eyeseeing dog: $900
-Displaying anything considered "obscene" to other motorists (eg: car nuts): $900
-Driving without license: $900
-"Eluding" polioe - misdemeanor to felony, $900-$3000
-Driving over 80mph ANYWHERE: $900-$3000
-Any misdemeanor driving conviction: $900
-ANY vehicle-related felony offense: $3000
-Having ANY object(s) hanging from rear view mirror: 1st offense: misdemeanor ($900), 2nd offense: CLASS 6 FELONY ($3000) (ie rosary, fuzzy dice, graduation tassle)
-Failure to give a proper signal: reckless driving, misdemeanor to felony, fines $1,050 to $3,000
-Reckless Driving conviction: 3 yearly payments of $350 ($1050 total), 4 points on license
-First DUI offense: 3 yearly payments of $750 ($2250)
-Leaving scene of accident: $3000, plus three hour period for arrest without warrant

-Red Light Cameras reactivated in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Virginia Beach, Vienna, FFX County, FFX City and others.
-NO cell phone/hands-free device in use for drivers under 18
-No text messaging while driving

Basically, everything has a minimum of $1000 fines imposed. First offense, or if the police officer pities you, it's a misdemeanor and a grand. If you're just fucked overall, you'll be charged with a felony for ANY driving infraction, depending on what you did and the officer's mood, $3000.


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