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I've been trying to pay this stupid parking ticket I got last Thursday since the day I received it. Only, every time I try to pull up my ticket online, it reads it as non-existant. That would seem cool, to have it slip through the cracks, but then I found this nifty little blurb saying "Tickets are generally processed through to the online database within 3 days. Often external agencies like Capital Police will take longer or cannot process their tickets through. Sorry for the inconvenience." I would try to mail it in the old fashioned way, but NO WHERE does it say the extra court processing fees I need to add in. GRRR.

Goddamnit, it's Friday. I just woke up still wearing my work clothes and not one message of "let's go do something". I couldn't really afford to do anything anyway, but not sitting in my room would be nice. I'm so fucking popular I can't stand it. I'm ragging, therefore, I hate myself today.
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