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This is how much the Commonwealth fucking sucks

New Driving Laws Enacted July 1st:

All fines are in addition to ticket amount and court fees.

-Reaching 8 points on license: $100, $75 for each additional point
-Driving on bald tires: $900
-Not coming to a full stop for a pedestrian with a cane and/or eyeseeing dog: $900
-Displaying anything considered "obscene" to other motorists (eg: car nuts): $900
-Driving without license: $900
-"Eluding" polioe - misdemeanor to felony, $900-$3000
-Driving over 80mph ANYWHERE: $900-$3000
-Any misdemeanor driving conviction: $900
-ANY vehicle-related felony offense: $3000
-Having ANY object(s) hanging from rear view mirror: 1st offense: misdemeanor ($900), 2nd offense: CLASS 6 FELONY ($3000) (ie rosary, fuzzy dice, graduation tassle)
-Failure to give a proper signal: reckless driving, misdemeanor to felony, fines $1,050 to $3,000
-Reckless Driving conviction: 3 yearly payments of $350 ($1050 total), 4 points on license
-First DUI offense: 3 yearly payments of $750 ($2250)
-Leaving scene of accident: $3000, plus three hour period for arrest without warrant

-Red Light Cameras reactivated in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Virginia Beach, Vienna, FFX County, FFX City and others.
-NO cell phone/hands-free device in use for drivers under 18
-No text messaging while driving

Basically, everything has a minimum of $1000 fines imposed. First offense, or if the police officer pities you, it's a misdemeanor and a grand. If you're just fucked overall, you'll be charged with a felony for ANY driving infraction, depending on what you did and the officer's mood, $3000.

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Lady Sovereign is coming to 930 on the October 28th!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why on the Halloween show?!

Oh wait, it's a 5pm show. Fate likes me right now.
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I got a LOT of music this weekend thanks to missmary. So, to share a miniscule amount of the goodness, I updated in __transmission_. Enjoy!

I have to go to work now, boo; Promo til 2am :(
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I've been trying to pay this stupid parking ticket I got last Thursday since the day I received it. Only, every time I try to pull up my ticket online, it reads it as non-existant. That would seem cool, to have it slip through the cracks, but then I found this nifty little blurb saying "Tickets are generally processed through to the online database within 3 days. Often external agencies like Capital Police will take longer or cannot process their tickets through. Sorry for the inconvenience." I would try to mail it in the old fashioned way, but NO WHERE does it say the extra court processing fees I need to add in. GRRR.

Goddamnit, it's Friday. I just woke up still wearing my work clothes and not one message of "let's go do something". I couldn't really afford to do anything anyway, but not sitting in my room would be nice. I'm so fucking popular I can't stand it. I'm ragging, therefore, I hate myself today.
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Killing time until Bux opens and I can call to find out my shift

"Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along."

I was given the letter H by cookiethief

1. Hair:
Mine has gone through a huge metamorphasis. This is the first time in 7 years anyone has seen me entire head as my natural color. Well now natural colorS since I have lots of grey now. I really want to dye it again but the thought is exhausting.

2. HIM:
I don't like their new album, or the amount of heartagram shit out there. Granted, I never took them seriously, only as a fun pop band (with a super hot singer), but those who legitimately believe HIM is hardcore or real metal should be schooled.

3. Hazelnut:
I've fallen in love with Hazelnut syrup at work. Mixing it with white mocha is delicious.

4. Handle:
I've had the same handle of rum sitting in my room, unopened, since I got it over three months ago. Anytime I say something offbeat or random people assume it's due to the rum. Honestly, I don't ever want or like to drink alone so unless people ever come over, it's not going to go anywhere.

5. Hangover:
Only recently did I ever get them, and I'm not very good at finding a remedy. Ibuprofen and water, while seeming smart, don't do anything. So I stay in bed. Sundays, I'm hungover from just the week, and for this I get tea and thai food and either read at Starbucks or go to see a movie.

6. H&M:

7. Harry:
He never fails to crack me up when Frank says "But heah -" and he screams "BUTT HAIR!!". EVERY TIME.

8. Honda:
In my search for a new car, I've decided upon the Honda Jazz/Fit. The Scion was too crap, the Matrix was too expensive, the Yaris is just ugly - the Fit is juuuuust right. So in the year 2525, I might be pimping it.

9. Hot Dog:
After Rocky I had the funniest note EVER left for me, written on some random junk mail- "MERE - LOOK UNDER THE HOT DOG. LOVE DAD."

10. Hookahs:
Fun but they make me kind of dizzy. I went out to a Hookah bar with Amanda and Brittney tonight. We played lots of card games I had to be taught to play- poker, crazy 8's, egyptian-something-or-other, and Black Jack - and I won most games. In our hypothetical game of strip poker, I got Amanda down to her skeletal system.
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